Life Coaching

In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I am also a certified Life Coach. The benefit of working with a Life Coach that is also a Clinical Psychologist is that I understand and utilize techniques and skills from both areas. These two areas of specialty have a lot of overlap but many Life Coaches are not aware of psychological principles and many Psychologists are not aware of or do not utilize many of the coaching principles that can be helpful. 

Life Coaching is all about helping you as a client to determine what changes in your life you need or want to make and being very practical in how to actually set goals and figure out how to being to take action on moving toward these goals. Some clients don't have any idea what they want to do, they just know that what they're doing is not it! Life Coaching can help determine values and priorities which can then lead to determining goals and then breaking these down into very specific steps to start working toward short- and long-term goals.