Other Services Provided

In addition to "diagnosable" disorders, I have a significant number of clients that really just want more information about how to deal with relatively minor issues and stressors. These clients are usually highly motivated to change and respond very well to coping skills, psychoeducation, and bibliotherapy.

Parenting Education

Whether you are a new parent or struggling with a child in the midst of "teen angst", its nice to have a place where you can find out "is this normal?" and "what do I do about this?" I used to teach a parenting class when I was working with Family Service of Long Beach. Its a passion of mine to help parents do better dealing with their children and, as a result, frequently childhood problems can be better identified and sometimes helped as well.

Stress Management

There are so many skills I love teaching my clients to effectively reduce and manage their stress levels. The benefits of learning these skills and putting them into practice are so numerous--better overall physical health, improved mental clarity, reduction in blood pressure, less anger and frustration, more peace and contentment... 

Improved Self Esteem

A struggle which may begin in early childhood, typically intensifies in adolescence and sometimes improves in adulthood, self-esteem is a common problem with people across the board. It is so common, many don't even identify it as a problem, they just think its "normal" to think negatively about oneself. (Its not! and I can help!)

Anger Management

Across the age ranges, from children to senior citizens, anger can be a huge problem leading to multiple other problems. I enjoy helping people not only understand where their anger is coming from but teaching them better ways of dealing with the underlying causes and improving their ability to respond instead of react.

Assertiveness Training

Many clients have difficulty standing up for themselves in an appropriate, assertive way. There is a big difference between aggression and assertiveness. You don't have to be a "doormat" and you don't have to be an angry, vengeful person either. The middle ground is assertiveness. It's a skill that is valuable in all areas of life. 

Insomnia and Problems with Sleep

Although it may fall under a particular diagnosis, insomnia can be relatively mild. There are many behavioral interventions that may help to deal with insomnia without resorting to medication to solve the problem.